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Afrikan American experience in the united snakes of amerikkka.

It's widely acknowledged that Afrikans within the Diaspora have historically migrated across regions,often forming new, distinct tribes/communities over time. This pattern of migration and settlement is fundamental to the formation of Afrikan nations.

Drawing from this premise, I want to explore the Afrikan American experience in the united snakes of amerikkka.

Although the transatlantic slave trade was neither voluntary nor a migration in the conventional sense, it did transplant countless Afrikans to a new land. If we consider this forced movement a form of migration, it begs the question:

Why hasn’t a distinct "new African" identity emerged over the past 500 years? 

One might argue that such a process has been deliberately disrupted or sabotaged—an orchestrated effort to prevent the development of a cohesive Afrikan American identity and culture. Alternatively, we might consider a different perspective:

Despite being enslaved, killed off, and oppressed, the contributions of Afrikans in amerikkka were so substantial that we fundamentally shaped the United States. 

This nation, despite its flawed and diabolical leadership and chaotic governance, has risen to prominence largely through the exploitation and appropriation of Afrikans in amerikkka soul, culture, and intellect. 

This analysis challenges us to rethink the narrative of Afrikans in amerikkkka history and identity in the context of migration, resilience, and influence, recognizing the complex interplay of force, resistance, and survival in shaping a continual community.

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