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African-centered Consciousness, Values & Power - Dr. Amos Wilson

Our strength is rooted deeply in your African consciousness and values! Consciousness serves as a formidable instrument of power—it transcends mere historical or self-knowledge. It encompasses thinking, reasoning, and information processing. The values inherent in this consciousness dictate how individuals interact with and reshape their world. However, under the pervasive influence of European domination, our African minds have been steeped in a Eurocentric consciousness. This imposed mindset not only distorts our perception but also places the reins of power firmly in European hands.

By reclaiming and cultivating an African-centered consciousness, grounded in our indigenous values, we can dismantle these chains. This form of consciousness is not merely a shield but a spear against domination, ensuring that those who wield a different set of values and perceptions cannot dictate our actions or control our destiny. Europeans understand this threat well; their social order, precariously built on the foundation of their imposed values upon Africans, stands to crumble should we reject their narrative and reassert our own. Thus, the very notion of African-centered consciousness and values strikes a profound fear in them, for it heralds the collapse of their control.

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