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Are We Our Own Symbols?

Day #3 Challenge: Symbols of Strength - Identify a symbol from your culture that represents strength or resilience. Write about how you can embody these qualities in your personal journey.

List of my long Symbols

Blue Heron






Daisy Flower


Pen and Paper









Tool of Measurement



The Spirit summoned me to craft a poem about this subject. What you see here is merely a draft, rather a short version of what I wish to express, as the day escaped me before I could bring it to completion.

I am My Own Symbol


On my quest for symbols that resonate deep within, I embarked on a journey, sorting those that summon to my spirit.

My list unfurled: the stars, the sun, the lotus, and the leopard, each a cipher of mysteries untold.

Yet, as I poised to cap my enumeration, a thought emerged, unbidden yet clear.

The Neters beckoned - Het Heru, Seshat, Aset, and more, a pantheon of divinity and wisdom.

How could one symbol embody them all? The idea to consult the visual oracle of Google arose, seeking a manifestation of this encompassing symbol.

Moreover, I mused the embodiment of "the great mystery," a symbol that has always held a profound significance for me.

 How could I express its essence, already represented by celestial and earthly wonders in my list?

Then, an epiphany struck with unexpected clarity: "ME."

The thought, at first perplexing, soon unraveled its truth.

I contemplated our resemblance to majestic trees, our hair a canopy of strength and life.

Our eyes, deep and brown as the ocean's abyss, reflect a universe within, a constellation of stars gazing back from the mirror of our soul.

I reflected on our endurance amidst a world of shadows and turmoil, our resilience mirroring the lotus that blooms defiant of the murky waters.

Witnessing a cat command respect from a dog far its size, I saw nature's laws bent by sheer will, a reflection of our own defiance against the odds.

The leopard, with its grace and mystical eyes, challenged my understanding of nature.

Its eyes, pools of liquid gold, left me in awe of the beauty and power inherent in the natural world.

Wandering through a desert, I felt a connection with the sand and sun, a unity that blurred the lines between the self and the cosmos.

My hands, golden with sand, seemed to dissolve the boundaries of nature itself.

Even before words held meaning for me, I was drawn to them, sensing their power to move and transform.

I dreamed of scribing magic with words, of capturing the essence of every thought, every moment.

Yet, as my life spiraled without reciprocity with the great mystery and celestial beings, stagnation crept in.

It was through the "Black Girl Magic" of my words that liberation motioned, a journal and purple pen becoming my constant companions.

In solitude, my journal became my universe, where I was not alone but one with all.

I realized that I am the sun, with its cycles of light and darkness, yet often I chose the shadow, dimming my inner glow.

The Great Mother intervened, sending me black cats and a spider, messengers to illuminate my path.

Through their guidance, I understood: I am the symbol.

Not out of vanity, but from a recognition that all symbols reflect aspects of my soul, reminders of my essence spoken in the language of the soul, a dialogue I strive to comprehend with the heart.

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