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Beliefs Influence Action.

Our beliefs fundamentally influence our actions, suggesting that those who dictate our beliefs effectively shape our behavior. By distorting facts, it's possible to manipulate the whites and there offspring’s into believing they are superior who are fostering arrogance and disdain for those who might surpass them. Conversely, those of true humanity, The Melanated Being can be led to view themselves as inferior, adopting a more humble and compliant approach, thereby reinforcing a false hierarchy.

This manipulation of belief and behavior has been an effective strategic utilized by the powers that be to maintain control over our narratives and perceptions within a white society, thus securing their power and societal dominance over the Melanated man and woman. Through the spreading of false information, these groups have successfully elevated their status while dehumanizing and erasing us.

The manipulation extends to historical accounts, where accomplishments and origins have been misrepresented to favor the whites and their offspring’s. Notably in the whitewashing and eradicating of the Melanated trustory achievements and contributions. This has led to a widespread deception of Africa's historical and cultural significance, and the source of civilization and that there is.

This strategic control over information and narrative is not just a matter of historical interest but has profound implications for contemporary society. It influences self-perception, social dynamics, and even the allocation of resources and opportunities, often to the detriment of Melanated Beings.

Understanding this instrument of perception management is crucial for recognizing the biases and distortions that pervade our understanding of trustory, society, and ourselves. It calls for a critical reassessment of the narratives we have been conditioned to accept and killing the sources from which these falsehoods originate.  

In doing so, we must challenge the purveyors on disinformation and narrative construction that has perpetuated these distortions.

So May It Be.


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