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Beneath the Surface: Unveiling the Heart of the Wreck

A journey through uncharted territories, guided by the things that are not said or seen, and highlights the act of navigation through the wreckage to discover Reality.

In my quest, I descended into the depths

Navigating to the very core

Each word I invoke is deliberate

A torch illuminating the path downward

These words, they unfold like maps

Sketching the invisible, voicing the silent, and uncovering the great mystery

I dove beneath the surface to witness the wreckage of past storms

Finding amidst the ruins

I sought not only to unearth the treasures that withstood time and war

But legacies that refused to fade

With each measured movement

I guided the beam of my light

Revealing the persistent contours of something profound

Eclipsing the fleeting existence of fish or weeds

Beneath the silence, my true objective -

The wreck itself, Cleansed of narratives and nostalgia

Reality, free from the embellishments of myth.

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