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Breaking Walls, Building Bridges To a True Paradise

"If it's paradise/

Why is it behind a wall/

Prisons have walls too!!"

Ha2ku, first published in 2010

An inspiring depiction of a man and woman collaboratively dismantling a wall, embodying the themes of unity, empowerment, and progress. The image is vividly colored with the Pan-African palette of red, black, and green, symbolizing the breaking of barriers and the pursuit of freedom. This powerful visual metaphor resonates with themes of community engagement and cultural connection, aiming to inspire a sense of collective action and hope among viewers.
tear it down

In this reflective journey, we go deep into the essence of a Ha2ku from 2010, a piece that has resonated through time, challenging our perceptions of freedom and confinement. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, it becomes imperative to revisit these nuggets of wisdom, seeking the kernels of truth that lie within. This exploration is not just about unearthing the past but about leveraging the insights gained to envision a future where barriers are dismantled and true connections are forged.

The journey back to a decade-old Ha2ku invites us to confront the paradoxes that define our pursuit of utopia. This piece, with its poignant query about the nature of paradise and the walls that surround it, serves as a metaphorical mirror reflecting the dualities of protection and imprisonment. It beckons us to ponder the true essence of sanctuary—is it a space of exclusion or a realm of inclusive freedom?

The Essence of the Ha2ku

This haiku is not merely an observation but a provocation, urging us to examine the barriers, both physical and intangible, that segregate and limit us. Born from a moment of contemplation, this Ha2ku now re-emerges as a guiding light, challenging us to question the structures we've erected around our lives and the ideologies that shape our existence. It confronts the notion of isolation as a means to paradise, prompting a reevaluation of what true bliss and freedom entail.

Redefining Paradise

Inspired by the wisdom encapsulated in this Ha2ku, our mission becomes clear: to transcend the boundaries that divide us, fostering a world where unity and diversity thrive side by side. This journey of reimagining paradise is about transforming our spaces from fortresses of solitude to gardens of collective flourishing—where the diversity of thought, culture, and being enhances our shared experience of joy and freedom.

This revisitation of a profound message from the past is more than a nostalgic trip; it's a call to action. It urges us to dismantle the walls of separation and to weave a tapestry of connection and mutual understanding. As we reflect on the timeless relevance of this Ha2ku, let us commit to building a world where barriers are replaced with bridges, inviting an era of peace, empowerment, and collective well-being.

For those inspired by these reflections and seeking to engage further in conversations that foster unity, inspiration, and transformation, you're invited to join our free e-course at or to connect with a like-minded community on Telegram @ Together, we can traverse from the echoes of the past into the luminescence of a future defined by our shared aspirations for a connected and liberated world.

The image has been crafted to symbolize unity and the breaking of barriers, featuring a symbolic representation of a man and a woman together. This composition embodies empowerment and collective growth,

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