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In the hush of crossroads,

under thought's vast skies,

Where whispers of longing softly rise and sigh,

"What is it," one ponders,

"my heart truly seeks?"

When answers play hide in shadows,

shy and meek.

Consider the stars,

how in darkness they're found,

Not by their light,

but the void that wraps around.

So, delve into dislikes,

the spirit's dimmed flame,

For in aversion,

your true desires claim.

It's not a dance with negativity's embrace,

But a philosophical quest,

a sacred space.

To sift through life's myriad,

endless maze,

Letting go of the misfit,

in clarity's grace.

For in the act of shedding,

we find our core,

True aspirations step forth,

brighter than before.

It's a paradoxical journey,

subtract to add,

Revealing desires,

in patience, they had.

Waiting in consciousness's gentle wings,

A discovery of self,

of true yearnings.

So, at the crossroads,

let your heart's quest be led,

By the silent stars,

and the paths you dread.

For within the dark,

a guiding light resides,

Illuminating desires,

where truth abides.

A journey not outward,

but deep within,

To find where you end,

and you truly begin.

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