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DAY #1- 21 Day Writing Challenge.

QUESTION #1: Write about the history of your name and its cultural significance. How does your name reflect your identity and heritage?

The Beginnings.

My birth mother gave me the name Catherine Letoya Walters. As fate would have it, nearly four years later, upon my adoption across country, my name was changed into Catherine Letoya Schuetzle. My adoptive parents, despite initially contemplating the names Annie or Anna, chose to keep the name given to me at birth—a decision that would later reveal its own intriguing connections, and one in which I am grateful for.

For a significant portion of my life, I understood my legal name to symbolize "purity" and "victory," but that was the extent of my exploration into its significance. Unbeknown to me at the time, I had unconsciously adopted a yurugu mindset towards names, perceiving mine as merely a label assigned without deeper meaning. This perspective overshadowed an essential truth: our culture profoundly values names, recognizing them not just as identifiers but as bearers of meaning, energy, and legacy.


Meaning Of Catherine Letoya Schuetzle


  • A linage of royalty, lineage of queens and saints.

  • The name itself signifies purity, a timeless attribute that speaks of clarity of heart and intention.

  • Elegance, not just in manner but in thought and spirit, marks one's passage through the world.

  • A inspiration of integrity and grace, illuminating the path for others with dignity and poise


  • Victorious One

  • Lotus Flower- A flower that blooms and grows in spite of the darkness.

  • Named originated from A Titian Goddess named Leto.  She gave birth to twins- Apollo and Artemis while in hiding.

  • Means Goddess of Motherhood

  • Protector of the young.

  • Resilience

  • Connection to history and Myths.  

  • Strength, beauty, and growth even in challenging circumstances.

  • The indomitable spirit of victory, flourishing in spite of obstacles, and embodying the grace of the lotus in bloom.


  • To protect

  • Protector

  • This name suggests a lineage of guardians, those who shield and defend, providing a sanctuary for the vulnerable.

  • To protect is not just a physical act but a moral and emotional commitment to safeguarding the wellbeing of others.


Rebirth- New Afrikan Name

A few years ago, as I embarked on perpetual journey of self-discovery and delved into our rich trustory, I learned that our names hold the highest significance. They are not mere labels but the very essence of our energy and being.


  • Means born on Saturday.

  • Represents the very embodiment of Earth's most profound nurturing essence.

  • This is not just care; it's the foundational force that breathes life into the community, sustaining and enriching it.

  • Creativity, birth, fertility

  • Amma transcends the conventional maternal archetype, representing a deeper, almost elemental form of love—unconditional, warm, fostering both growth and harmony.

  • Amma is the anchor, the heart from which life pulses, offering strength and comfort.


  • Represents wisdom, knowledge, and the sacred art of writing.

  • She assumes the role not just of a scribe or a mere keeper of records;

  • Seshat is the very architect of wisdom, measuring the foundations upon which temples—both literal and metaphorical—are built.

  • Embodies the pursuit of understanding, the architect of wisdom, and the guide for those who seek knowledge.

  • A connection to the written word, to history, and to the sacred act of recording life's journey.


  • Represents the dawn or creation.

  • The essence of rebirth.

  • The image of the scarab beetle, tirelessly rolling the sun across the heavens, is a powerful allegory for the relentless cycle of renewal and transformation.

  • Resilience and adaptability

  • Perpetual journey of self-evolution.

  • Rejuvenation.

  • The emergence from darkness into the illuminating promise of a new day.


  • The first, the original peoples of the Earth.

  • Group of peoples and languages in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

  • It signifies a profound bond to a community that treasures its oral traditions, proverbs.

  • Deep-seated appreciation for the intricate web of life’s interconnectedness.

  • The Akan ethos emphasizes balance, harmony, and the importance of lineage and legacy, grounding your name in a tradition that values wisdom passed down through generations.


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