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Day #2 Challenege

Question: Write an Ancestral Lineage Story past down from generation to generation.

Lets Begin

In contemplating my Ancestress and Ancestors, my thoughts go straight to my Bloodline and DNA history, for therein lies my most intimate connection to the past. Within this realm—where the patterns of DNA and blood intertwine—the core of our identity finds its true roots. In the very substance of life, this connection serves as the sole, unbreakable link to my ancestors, embodying the essence of my existence. The enduring legacy that runs through my veins is evident, a silent narrative of resilience, struggle, and triumph that whispers the stories of those who came before me.

Going beyond the realm of our Bloodline heritage into the broader history feels akin to observing from the fringe, an outsider looking into history, not my own. Such explorations, detached from my personal lineage, often resonate with the impersonality of a monotonous history lecture, where war, violence, aggression, and so-called advancement are recounted under the guise of evolution and progress.

Malcolm X and the Root of the Tree

Malcolm X spoke of the significance of anchoring oneself in the knowledge of one's roots, elucidating the repercussions of a disconnection from our origins—self-alienation, confusion, and powerlessness. He illuminated the truth that a tree severed from its roots dies, just as a people detached from their history and ancestral heritage also risk extinction. Through this lens, personal and ancestral history intertwine and emerge not as separate entities but as a contiguous timeline. 

Regrettably, my connection to ancestral tales is fragile, shaped more by speculation and the creative bridges built by my imagination than by concrete stories handed down through my mother, grandmother, and beyond. 

Whitewashing Beginnings

My journey radically transformed at the age of three and a half years (3.5) when I was placed with a white adoptive family—a transition that, for some, echoes the sanctioned human trafficking, but that is another story. This transition marked the beginning of a complex journey marked by a deep-rooted sense of alienation during familial exchanges of ancestral stories and historical roots. This disconnection was not solely because their tales were not my own but stemmed from a fundamental lack of personal and cultural resonance with these stories, compounded by their inherent opposition to anything African, which felt like a direct negation of me. 

This sense of estrangement highlighted the stark contrast in our historical narratives as Afrikans in America, particularly against the disturbing canvas of America's bloodshed past. This history has not only shaped the nation. Still, it has also imprinted permanently upon my psyche, as it has with all of us of Afrikan descent, creating scars on my self-esteem that are profoundly different from those experienced by my adoptive family and nearly 100 percent of the people who were in my world growing up. I recall that my attempts to understand my identity and historical curiosity were often met with evasion or outright dismissal, a stark reminder of the broader societal tendency to ignore and deny the uncomfortable aspects of our shared past. This divergence underscores a broader capacity of dissonance and the struggle for identity and belonging within a context that is often in direct conflict with one's inherent cultural and historical roots.

Leaders Akin To Brother Ha2Tim

Despite the void left by the absence of direct ancestral narratives, I have found solace and connection through the rediscovery of my Afrikan heritage, facilitated by great leaders like Brother Ha2Tim. His passionate guidance into the importance of the phenomenal world of proverbs, myths, and stories has unlocked a reservoir of ancestral wisdom and resilience that I was unaware existed. 

Embodiment of the Lotus Flower

My life has been akin to the Lotus flower's journey, which, against all odds, blooms magnificently from the mud. It symbolizes the potential for spiritual rejuvenation and growth through the nurturing power of stories and intent, allowing me to forge a profound reconnection with my roots despite the challenges of an incomplete family history.

Proverb: Lost Little Simba 

Among the parables that have touched me deeply is the tale of the Lions and the goats, masterfully retold by Brother Ha2tim in a rendition titled "Lost Little Simba." This story, in its essence, captures the transformative power of reclaiming our narratives and the importance of standing in our truth amidst a world that often seeks to silence us. (Pending posting)


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