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Dear Sweet Daughter-

Updated: Mar 22

The spiritual and mundane Union. A deep connection between one's existence and their spiritual journey towards fulfillment.

  1. Riddle 1: I am the unseen guide, chosen before your first breath, embedded in flesh, leading you to your destiny. What am I?

  • Answer: Your spirit’s choice of life.

  1. Riddle 2: I am the cycle that moves with celestial grace, impersonal yet integral to your journey’s pace. What am I?

  • Answer: The cyclical rhythms of the universe.

  1. Riddle 3: Born of dawn, I am the essence renewed, embodying divinity, with virtues imbued. Who am I?

  • Answer: You, embodying Khepri.

  1. Riddle 4: I am the barrier and the key, born from sorrow, setting love free. What am I?

  • Answer: Growth from sorrows.

  1. Riddle 5: I weave the grand tapestry, not out of spite, but necessity. What am I?

Answer: Life’s tribulations.


Dearest Beloved Amma,

From your unique perspective, life may seem akin to embarking on an unwelcome odyssey, akin to navigating a labyrinth that more closely resembles a restrictive enclosure. You might interpret your myriad experiences as a harsh sentence, as if you've been relegated to a desolate wilderness, abandoned in the stark coldness of solitude. There may be moments when you struggle for air in the threshold spaces that bridge the seen and unseen, wrestling with the quintessence of your being. In this quest for self-realization, you are bound to encounter formidable challenges. Yet, it's imperative to recognize that these ordeals are transient and will eventually wane.

It is of paramount importance, my dear Daughter, to approach life with a sense of detachment. Consider it as being in harmony with the grand, cyclical cadences of the cosmos—impersonal and manifesting as destined. What summons your soul on a profound level is the life and incarnation of your material body. Prior to the inception of your being, you consciously chose her, intertwining your essence with her physical form, driven by the foresight that this amalgamation would propel you towards your ultimate purpose. Although this profound awareness may diminish as you traverse your path, maintain your faith that you will reencounter your direction, and the culmination of your journey will appear magnificent!

My Sweet Daughter, destiny has inscribed your role. I have anointed you as the lens through which I perceive—the very essence of Life itself. This selection was reciprocal; your existence, embellished with the noble attributes of Maat, has groomed you for this pivotal moment. You epitomize Khepri, ceaselessly rejuvenating your core. You stand as a testament to the sacred.

As you wade through your sorrows, let them be the soil from which you grow, and methodically dismantle the impediments that hinder the unobstructed flow of love towards you. In farewell, bear in mind: the adversities of life are not tailored grievances but are indispensable for the elaborate mosaic of being to unfold its narrative.

If you lose your way, look within.

I Love You

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