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Empowerment through Healing: Liberation from the Karmic Mother Wound


“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth."

“When the mother goat breaks into the yam store, her kids watch her."

"The axe forgets; the tree remembers."

"You learn how to cut down trees by cutting them down."

 “If you have loved, then you’ve won. To be loved in return is the grace of our ancestors who sacrificed, who cried, who cursed, who bleed. To be loved in return is the suffering of our ancestors who smiled, who dreamed, who sang… With gratitude for the courage and wisdom of those who went before and who went before us, let this effort nourish every heart and soul so that we may continue in alignment with the first breath, the first idea, the first Ntchr of creation.” 

Author:   - Bakhet Ma’at Sat Ra, “Libation” The Black Mother Wound


Introducing The Karmic Mother

Awakening power/ Karmic chains begin to sour/ Chosen ones Rise.

Chosen ones, hear me/ Karmic mothers, shadows flee/ Your light sets you free.

Maternal wounds sting/Lost in ignorance’s haze/Courage fades away.

Chosen Ones- I'm here to share a message to the Chosen Ones regarding the karmic mother. Many of you have realized by now that you've had a karmic mother, whether biological or a mother figure, in your life. Often, many chosen ones find us orphaned, adopted, or in foster care, and the person who played the motherly role may not have had their best interests at heart.

I am here to tell you- that this karmic mother recognized your uniqueness early on, your radiating inner light, your gifts and talents, your deep connection to NatureNature, and your abundance of innate talents. Despite her attempts to control and manipulate you, you continued to shine, resilient, and gifted. As you awaken to your power, she now grapples with hostility and regrets, seeing you flourish beyond her wildest imagination and her best attempts to take you out.


Out to Lunch- The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree

Out to lunch, we sit, Echoes of tension, we flit, Void where Love should fit.

Validation sought/ In her eyes, Love was naught/ Seed from high, uncaught.

This past weekend, as I sat down for what should have been a simple celebration of our shared February birthdays with my mother and grandmother, I found myself consumed by a disconcerting realization. In the middle of what should have been a moment of Love, connection, warmth, and connection, I was instead met with the expected hostility while walking on eggs, an absence of Love, respect, and genuine affection—a void where the foundation of our bond should have resided.

Throughout our lunch, as we went through the motions of censored conversation and delicious meals, the air grew heavy with the weight of unresolved tensions and unspoken grievances. What should have been a joyous occasion became overshadowed by the silent echoes of our strained relationship. Sadly, this lackluster interaction, devoid of any genuine warmth, has become the norm for us—a contrast to the Love and support that should have been the root of the family dynamic.

In this moment of reflection, I couldn't help but recognize the confirmations of a deeper, ancestral wound. This wound transcends generations and manifests as a subtle yet pervasive cycle of emotional disconnect and unresolved trauma within our Afrikan lineage. It is a wound that has quietly shaped our self-worth and colored how we perceive ourselves as Chosen Ones.

You Are Not The Apple, Or The Apple Tree.

Not an apple, no/Seed from the Most High, I grow/In light, I bestow.

I am who I am/Resurrected from the dead/ Despite all, I rise.

Radiant beings, shine/Karmic bonds, now redefine/Nature'sNature's call, divine.

Chosen Ones, many of us have encountered a karmic mother in our lives who, for several reasons, could not provide the Love, nurturing, and support we wanted. Whether it was due to her own insecurities, past traumas, or simply not understanding our unique gifts, these relationships often left us feeling unseen, unheard, unwanted, and unloved.

If you've ever felt like you were constantly seeking validation from a mother who could not give it, or if, in its place, you've experienced manipulation, control, and even abandonment on some level, you may be familiar with the karmic mother dynamic.

In the vast garden of existence, you are not merely a passive apple hanging from a tree branch, nor a static and lifeless apple on the ground. Rather, you are the embodiment of a sacred seed, cradled within the embrace of the Most High. Within you resides a universe of potential, a dormant cosmos waiting to expand in perfect self-expression of your essence. You are the Chosen One, destined to overcome the illusory boundaries of perceived limitations imposed upon you by your karmic past


Realizing The Truth- You are the Lotus.

Karmic ties unwind/ Acknowledgment, the first step/ Healing's gentle bloom.

Lotus, chosen one/ Embodiment of rebirth/ From depths, you spring forth.

Here is the thing – the acknowledgment of this karmic entanglement is the first step towards Healing. It's about understanding that the way your mother treated you was a reflection of her own wounds and falsehood and not a reflection or measurement of your worth.

Despite your challenges, you are an embodiment of the lotus flower. You represent Love, purity, power, and rebirth. Like you Chosen One, the lotus's significance stems from its unique growth pattern, as it emerges from the depths of murky waters to blossom immaculately above the surface. After receiving substances from the Life Giver, the Sun- The petals unfold and express what it is.

The Lotus and Chosen Ones have similar paths. We are gradually developing the soul and our journey towards Self-realization. Reminding us that even amidst adversity and darkness, it is our NatureNature to rise above and achieve inner transformation and transcendence, To Shine.

Healing from the karmic mother wound is a journey back to your own heart. It invites you to shed the shackles of yesteryears and step into Creator mode, and you remember that you can rewrite your story. You can release the pain of the past and embrace a future filled with Love, joy, and abundance.


Embracing Transformation: Your Journey of Healing

Ancestors whisper/ Their wisdom guides our journey/Courage in our hearts.

Embrace past wounds pain/ Feel and process without judge/ Boundaries safeguard.

Courage in your heart/ Facing your origin's story/Embracing your Truth.

It starts with a sincere desire to accumulate divine wisdom through the accumulation of Knowledge of Self. It requires that we get our sustenance directly from the the light of the Most High through meditation, contemplation, studying proverbs, and reading scriptures. We seek help from our ancestors. And we develop the Courage to face whatever our paths throw at us because it is our origin story.

Being gentle with yourself during this process is crucial. Knowing you did the best you could at that given time because that is all you knew at that time. Once you know better, you will do better. It means allowing yourself to feel and process your emotions and past experiences without judgment or self-criticism. It means setting boundaries to protect your energy, as it allows you to prioritize your well-being and avoid situations or relationships that may trigger past wounds.


That’s All Folks- For Now

Resilient lotus/ Inspiring strength within us/Empowerment grows.

Compassion's embrace/Courage leads to liberation/Karmic wounds healed.

Boundaries set firm/Truth embraced, narratives shift/ Liberation's call.

In conclusion, know that you are not alone. There are other Chosen Ones who have walked this path before you and are walking with you now. Your ancestors and ancestresses are here to guide you. The journey towards healing from the karmic mother wound is one of profound transformation and empowerment. As we acknowledge the deep-seated dynamics and ancestral influences at play, we pave the way for healing's gentle bloom. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of our ancestors and the resilience of the lotus flower, we recognize our inherent power to rise above adversity and rewrite our own narratives.

By embracing our truth, setting boundaries, and honoring our journey with compassion and courage, we embark on a sacred path towards self-realization and liberation. Let us heed the whispers of our ancestors, find solace in their guiding grace, and embrace the transformative journey of healing with open hearts and steadfast determination.

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