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Filling The Void.

Imagine you're told not to go grocery shopping when you're super hungry. Why? Because your hunger makes you grab all sorts of things off the shelves that you don't really need, ending up with a bunch of junk food. This advice isn't just about food; it's kind of like a life lesson about not making friends or trying to fit in when you're feeling really empty or needy inside. If you do, you might end up in friendships or situations that aren't good for you, just because you were craving attention or trying to fill a void.

Before we can feel truly connected with everyone and everything around us, we've got to be okay with feeling alone and accepting that there's a part of us that's still figuring out who we are. We need to become our own unique person, different from everyone else and even different from who we think we're supposed to be. This means we've got to stop trying to live up to what our parents, friends, or society expects of us, and also quit trying to fit in just to feel accepted or important.

So, the big idea here is about letting go of this fake version of ourselves that we try to hold onto—this image that we think we need to be happy or accepted. We have to stop copying everyone else and stop worrying about fitting in or being cool according to someone else's rules. It's about being true to who we are, even if that means standing alone sometimes. By doing this, we can start to form healthier relationships and feel a genuine connection with the world, not because we're trying to fill a void, but because we're truly okay with who we are.

So May It Be. ASE!

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