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Giver of Life- The Great Tree

In the silence of the Fall Equinox, when air hisses stillness and crisp, whispering promises of change, there's a narrative unfolding in Nature, a testament to the cycle of life, transformation, and the Mystery that encompasses all existence. I noticed that reflections upon this time, especially in the center of trees shedding their leaves, capture an elemental truth about Nature and, by extension, our own lives.

These trees, standing tall and unyielding, yet so gracefully submitting to the cyclical decree of the cosmos, embody a spiritual lesson in letting go, receptivity, trust, and rebirth. Their leaves, once vibrant and now sinking to the ground, speak of the natural order of things, a beautiful surrender to the unseen forces that guide the rhythms of life. This act, seemingly simple, holds within it the secrets of transformation, echoing the ancient wisdom of being open and receptive to one's true, mysterious nature.

As I walked with these silent sentinels, witnessing their acceptance of the cycle, mirrors a contemplation on life's impermanence and the beauty of change. It's a reflection on the art of releasing what no longer serves, to make space for new growth, new possibilities. This letting go and letting god, as observed in the trees’ unspoken trust in the Great Mother, reveals a deep faith in the unknown, in the unfolding of life according to the Will of the Most High.

The imagery of trees communicating with the Great Mother, celebrating the mystery of their existence is a powerful metaphor for our journey. It suggests a way of being that embraces the inevitable cycles of life, death, and rebirth, trusting in the wisdom of a higher power, in the natural progression of things.

As you contemplate their naked branches, preparing for the deep sleep of winter before the resurgence of spring, there's a recognition of their inherent courage to trust and embrace the present moment, whatever it may hold. This observation becomes a mirror for our own capacity to face change with openness and trust, to find reconciliation in the natural ebb and flow of life.

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