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Golden Lotus Meditation

Imagine your heart opening into a glowing yellow lotus.
From its center comes a golden child.
Bring this child out of your body and imagine him or her floating above your head.
You, as a child, are holding a sun in each hand while each foot stands on a moon.

Its difficult to bring this child out. In the depths of our beings, beneath layers of walls we've meticulously constructed over years, resides a child - not just any child, but one painted in the vibrant hues of gold. This child, a symbol of our untouched, pure essence, often remains hidden, masked in the complexities we've put on like armor through the trials and the rigors of life. These experiences, with their murky waters, have left indelible marks upon us, sometimes to the extent that we question the very existence of this untainted self within.



Yet, the mission to unearth this golden child within is not just a whimsical journey; it's a necessity. This child embodies the era of our lives when our spirits were unfragmented and our hearts navigated the world untainted by its contradictions and our own. To rediscover and embrace this part of ourselves is to reconnect with a time of pure wholeness and untroubled hearts. It's a reminder that, despite the stains of life, the essence of purity and innocence, though buried, is never truly lost. Each of us holds this golden child within – our most genuine self, waiting to be rediscovered and brought to light once more.

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