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Heartbeats of Inquiry: How Deep Longing Drives the Search for Truth

In our quest for truth, it's essential to commit deeply and persistently.

True revelations come only to those who chase them with relentless passion.

Your desire for truth shouldn't just be another wish on your list—it needs to be your primary craving. A mild interest will not cut it; your pursuit must be intense and all-encompassing.

When you truly long for truth, your desire sets the course of your journey. In fact, this intense need to know is the journey itself. This kind of deep longing is like a invocation, emerging from a profound and endless thirst for truth, with each heartbeat reinforcing your quest for what remains unknown.

When truth is all you breathe and yearn for in all moments, that's when you truly begin your journey.

Only a love so deeply intertwined with this thirst is real enough to grasp the truth.

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