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Paths Of Personal Power

In the heart where silence whispers, Where emotions dance and shivers, Lies a power, deep and vast, Rooted in the future, present, past.
From the ground of being it springs, A well of potential, of unseen wings, It is knowing, choosing, creating—true, The essence of what it means to be you.

Personal Power emanates from the profound depths of our being—it is the capacity to understand oneself, to make choices with intention, and to forge creations from the very essence of our existence, where our most authentic feelings and convictions lie. This form of power is not an external acquisition nor a societal grant; it is an intrinsic force that flourishes within the fertile soil of our inner landscapes. It demands of us a deep introspection and an unwavering commitment to self-awareness, enabling us to navigate our paths with an enlightened understanding of our emotions, desires, and the truths that define our identity.

With every breath, a choice is born, In the depths where feelings are torn. From this sacred, hallowed ground, The purest of intentions are found.
It's not just a journey of the mind, But of the soul, to seek and find The interconnectedness of all, In the rise, the flight, the fall.

To wield Personal Power is to stand firmly in the knowledge of who we are, embracing both our strengths and vulnerabilities with equal acceptance. It means choosing paths that resonate with our core values, and actively shaping our reality in a way that reflects our most profound beliefs and aspirations. This journey of empowerment is underscored by the principles of creation and choice, guided by an internal compass that directs us toward authenticity and purpose.

In the rhythm of the earth, the beat of the heart, In the paths we choose, the art we impart, Lies the dance of creation, bold and free, A testament to what it truly means to be.
So wield this power with grace and care, In service to others, raw and bare. For in the ground of one's being, pure and deep, Lies the power to wake, to dream, to sleep.

Personal Power is recognized not just as a tool for self-evolution, but as a radical act of defiance against societal constraints and expectations. It is through the embracing and exercising of our Personal Power that we declare our presence, our worth, and our right to define our own existence, unfettered by external definitions or limitations. In this light, Personal Power transforms into not only a personal asset but a source of inspiration and transformation, illuminating the paths of those around us towards their own empowerment and self-discovery.

To know, to choose, to create anew, In the circle of life, eternal, true. This is the gift of the grounded soul, The keeper of the flame, the one who's whole.


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