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She is Darkness


I am the darkness, and I am the fire.

I am the cry of “enough” that will never tire.


I am the mysteries etched in stone's embrace,

Silently, I walk away from betrayal's grace.


Alone, I raise my arms to the sun so high,

Telling lies to let the truths essence flow.


A sacred teacher, I summon the Tree,

Her poison, a healing elixir for hearts that grieve.


With a courageous gaze, I meet my own reflection's sight,

Bloodshed's rebirth, a path toward the light.


She represents all who dare to take the leap,

The mysterious power within, it's ours to keep.


I have returned, my presence shining bright,

Answer her call, embrace her guiding light.


She's returned, her presence strong and bright,

Answered my call, and extended her healing light.


The moment is now, the time feels right,

Speak your truth, let it guide you through the night.


In Her embrace, I find the strength to be healed,

With courage and love, I can let my truth be revealed.

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