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Thoughts on Libations.


Lations- the process of pouring or giving a sacrifice to form a connection with this world and the spiritual realm. -Ha2tim Gye-Nyame
We pour libations/ to connect with all that is/and to cleanse our hearts. -Ha2tim GyeNyame

I recently read a section in a book that really made me think differently about something called libations. Libations are like when you pour out a drink as a special gesture, kind of like giving a gift to something you can't see, like nature or spirits. Before, I didn't really get why people did this. I thought it was hard to understand both why it was important and how it actually worked. I used to think that for something to be real or true, I needed to see it or hear a big noise—something that would make it super obvious.

I grew up in a culture where we usually believe only what we can see or touch. So, when it came to understanding libations, I was looking for some kind of big sign to show me it was a real thing. But as I read more about it and thought about it, I started to see libations in a whole new way.

I learned that libations aren't just about the action of pouring something out. It's more about what that action means—connecting with something bigger than us, even if we can't see it. This helped me see that just because something isn't right in front of us, doesn't mean it's not important or real.

Metaphors- A Definition

Metaphors, those ethereal bridges of thought and language, serve not merely as linguistic constructs but as profound vessels through which the essence of our perception and comprehension is conveyed. They do not simply describe the tangible and the visible; rather, they unveil the layers of reality that lie beyond the literal, inviting us into a realm where the essence of an object, a being, or an act is intimately intertwined with the universe's deeper truths. By boldly asserting that one entity embodies another, metaphors transcend the mere comparison, creating a tapestry where disparate elements merge based on an underlying resonance. This fusion reveals a shared essence, a commonality that might not be immediately apparent but is inherently present.

“Evaporation-condensation-precipitation is the cycle by which water is drawn into Heaven and falls to rejuvenate Earth. It is a process of redistribution. Not only is Lake or Ocean from which the water is drawn replenished, but the dry Earth which requires the benefits of water is also nourished. The water’s properties work to regenerate Earth-functions, resulting in a coming forth or manifestation of that which was in the Earth. Spirit raining down in this form thus renews the potential for growth subsisting in Earth. This is libation.”

In "UBEN-HYENG: The Ancestral Summons" by ODWIRAFO KWESI RA NEHEM PTAH AKHAN, there's a part that really opens your eyes to what libations are all about. Brother Kwesi found the perfect way to explain how pouring out a drink isn't just about the action itself, but it's a powerful way to connect with our ancestors. It makes you see libations in a whole new light, as a bridge between us and those who came before us, linking us to a long history and tradition that goes way back.

I also looked into some writings by Brother Ha2tim Gye-Nyame and I found three other pieces that do a great job of breaking down what libations mean. These sources together paint a clear picture, making it easier to understand why people practice libations. They're not just rituals; they're a way to keep in touch with our heritage and honor our past.

The goal here is to share this new understanding with you. By combining what Kwesi teaches us with Brother Ha2tim Gye-Nyame storytelling perspective, I hope to help you really get the significance of libations. It's about seeing them as more than just a custom or a ceremony. They're a crucial link to our ancestors, a way to keep our history alive and stay connected with where we come from. Through learning about this, maybe you'll start to feel a deeper connection to libations, recognizing them as a special way to remember and respect our roots.


This passage delves into the profound interconnectedness between the human body and the Earth, emphasizing that our physical composition is essentially made up of the same elements found in the soil, such as copper, iron, zinc, magnesium, among others. It suggests that the very beginning of human existence, marked by the union of sperm and ovum, serves as a magnetic attraction for the spirit, facilitating our manifestation in the physical world.

Drawing a parallel to how water, representing the spirit, nourishes the Earth and promotes growth, the passage extends this metaphor to humans. It posits that just as rain revitalizes the Earth, our spirits are similarly nourished and rejuvenated by this 'spiritual rain.' This nourishment is crucial for our growth and development, both physically and spiritually. The mention of the "Goddess" pouring libation or water symbolizes a divine act of honoring and sustaining life, underlining our dependence on this spiritual and elemental sustenance for our well-being and evolution.

Libation is like an old-school way of talking to the universe or saying a prayer. When people pour out water or alcohol, they're reaching out to the Creator and the Ancestors, asking for a little help with life's challenges. It's more than just pouring a drink on the ground; it's about calling on those powerful forces, saying what you need help with, and also saying a big thank you for all the good stuff they've sent your way. This act is all about making a connection, asking for guidance, and showing gratitude for the blessings we get.


1. What flows from the sky, fills the deep, yet carves the mountain, makes the desert weep?

2. I'm in your veins and the earth's veins too, a metal so vital, red turns to blue. What am I?

3. Invisible I am, but everywhere felt, I lift the seed, in rain I'm dealt. What am I?

4. I start as a whisper, grow into a life, in soil and soul, I cut like a knife. What am I?

5. Given by the Goddess, I fall from above, nurturing the earth, with a touch of love. What am I?

Additional Sources

1.   Article: “How to pour Libations,” Link:


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