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White Man’s Voodoo - A Video Review

Let's cut to the core, to the very foundation of what we're here to discuss – the essence, the definitions of critical concepts. It's imperative, crucial that we establish a common ground, so there's absolute clarity, no misunderstandings about the terminology we're addressing. This is about setting the stage, ensuring every one of us is marching to the same beat, understanding the same truth. We're laying down the bricks of understanding, piece by piece, so there's no room for ambiguity, no space for confusion. We need to be clear on what these words mean, so when we speak, we speak with power, with knowledge, with unity.


white man

Interchangeable with: yurugu, whites and their offspring’s, devils, the system.

The defintion for white man can be best defined with referencing the honorable Marimba Ani's work titled: "Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior." The term yurugu along with terms like "whites and their offspring," "devils," and "the system," are symbols or metaphors for a critique of western hegemony and its global implications, especially towards non-Melanated peoples.

The term "yurugu" originates from the Dogon people of West Africa and refers to a mythological figure associated with disorder and disharmony. In this context it is described as incomplete or lacking harmony with the universe, constantly in pursuit of what it cannot naturally possess, which Ani posits as the root cause of the West's exploitative and colonial behaviors and patterns.

In Ani's analysis, she asserts that the western civilization is fundamentally characterized by a disconnection from the communal, spiritual, and natural orders that African and indigenous societies hold central. Ani suggests that this disconnection leads to a world driven by materialism, aggression, and a relentless pursuit of domination over nature, other humans, and spirituality itself.



The term "Voodoo" is not intended as a derogatory label; rather, it serves as a creative linguistic strategy designed to capture your attention. The appropriation and weaponization of Voodoo, along with various other elements of African spiritual systems, by the whites and their offsprings, represents a calculated effort to manipulate these rich cultural practices against their very originators- BlackUs.

Voodoo, often spelled Vodou or Voudon, is a complex and sophisticated religion that originated from the African diaspora, primarily through the combination of religious practices from west and Central Africa with elements of Christianity encountered in the west due to the transatlantic slave trade. It was our Ancestors and Ancestresses means to preserve African culture and religion during the course of the African Maafa.


white man’s Voodoo

The concept often referred to as "white man's Voodoo" essentially pertains to the tactics of information warfare. Information warfare involves the dissemination of misleading or false information to a specific group, with the intention of manipulating their thoughts, actions, behaviors, and decisions in a manner that contradicts their own interests, instead benefiting those who initiate this form of warfare. It operates on the understanding that the human mind's perceptions and actions can be significantly influenced by controlling the information it receives. Employing information warfare allows for gaining leverage or control over a targeted group. The ultimate strategy in warfare, according to this approach, is to conquer or dominate a population without encountering resistance. In this context, it is suggested that dominant societal forces utilize information warfare as a means to exert control over marginalized communities, particularly emphasizing the dynamic between dominant (often referred to as "white") societies and Black communities. This is achieved through the control and manipulation of information accessible to these communities.


My Opinion On the Video

The Discussion extends beyond an interesting analogy: it delves into the heart of an insidious, cunning, and masterfully executed campaign of psychological domination—the so-called "white man's Voodoo." This analysis isn't a mere academic juxtaposition of supernatural belief systems and modern psychological tactics; it's an exposé of a calculated, deeply entrenched strategy to perpetuate control through the most potent weapon known to humans: the mind.

By elucidating the dynamics of information warfare, the Discussion doesn't just imply but outright states that the Melanated Beings are not just victims of an inert misinformation system but targets of an aggressive, forceful, and deliberate campaign of psychological warfare designed to dismantle and destroy our fundamental essence.

The deliberate distortion of our identity, the erosion of our self-worth, the degradation of our self-value, the erasure of our history, and the insidious nature of internalized racism are not accidental consequences of a flawed system but the explicit objective of this psychological spell-casting. The examination of fear, language, and dehumanization as mechanisms of control is beyond being just insightful. It serves as a call to arms. It's an urgent wake-up call that screams the necessity for an awakening to the white man's voodoo. The critical need for awareness of the refined shackles of mental bondage that has been forged in the fires of so-called progressive western civilization.

Brother Franklin Jones calls for utilizing social sciences as a countermeasure, which isn't just practical advice; it's a blueprint for our liberation. This isn't just about learning to defend against trickery and manipulation; it's about mastering the tools used to chain our minds and, in doing so, unlocking the key that fetters our mental colonization. This Discussion isn't merely informative; it's revolutionary, demanding not just awareness but action to dismantle the intricate web of psychological spell-casting woven with meticulous care to keep Us divided, weakened, and perpetually subservient to them. It's a bold indictment of a system so deeply embedded in the fabric of society that its malevolence is often mistaken for the norm rather than the meticulously engineered mechanism of control it truly is.


-15 -Examples of the white mans spell-casting

Enslavement and Dehumanization

  1. Transatlantic Slave Trade: Forcibly transported millions of Africans to the Americas, stripping them of their freedom, identity, and humanity.

  2. Chattel Slavery: Treated African Americans as property that could be bought, sold, and owned, denying them any rights or dignity.

Cultural Erasure and Manipulation

  1. Name Changes: Stripped African Americans of their ancestral names and gave them European names, erasing their identity and heritage.

  2. Prohibition of Languages: Banned the use of African languages, forcing African Americans to adopt English and lose linguistic ties to their heritage.

  3. Suppression of Religion: Suppressed African spiritual practices and forced Christianity upon enslaved peoples, often using it to justify slavery.

Economic Exploitation

  1. Sharecropping and Jim Crow Laws: After slavery, trapped African Americans in cycles of debt and poverty through sharecropping and enforced segregation and economic disparity through Jim Crow laws.

  2. Labor Exploitation: Exploited African Americans for their labor across various sectors, including agriculture, industry, and domestic work, often with little to no compensation.

Educational and Informational Manipulation

  1. Segregated and Inferior Education: Provided African Americans with segregated and inferior education, limiting their opportunities and reinforcing social hierarchies.

  2. Misrepresentation in Media: Historically depicted African Americans in stereotypical and demeaning roles in media and literature, influencing public perception and self-image.

Legal and Political Oppression

  1. Voting Rights Suppression: Employed tactics like literacy tests, poll taxes, and intimidation to disenfranchise African American voters.

  2. Institutionalized Segregation: Legally enforced racial segregation in public and private life through laws and social customs.

  3. Mass Incarceration and Criminalization: Targeted African Americans disproportionately with harsher sentences and higher rates of incarceration, partly due to racially biased laws and enforcement.

Psychological and Physical Violence

  1. Lynching and Racial Violence: Used lynching and other forms of violence as tools of terror to maintain racial hierarchies and suppress resistance.

  2. Medical Exploitation: Exploited African Americans in medical experiments without consent, such as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, undermining their health and rights.

  3. Cultural Appropriation and Exploitation: Appropriated and commercialized African American cultural expressions while simultaneously devaluing the creators and their communities.

Stay Vigilant. Question Everything. ASE

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